The band "Colored Rain" A bit of Dennis Meneely's past

Colored Rain My first band ‘Why Us’ ultimately played itself out and somehow I ended up playing and learning blues with Professor Steve Boddington. Our new lineup called ‘Cat-Squirrel’ played some wonderful dates at the U of A in 67. In 1968, as a member of Winnipeg/Edmonton band ‘Coloured Rain’ I recorded my first original tune co -written with band guitarist Jordy York. We recorded in Clovis, New Mexico, in the same studios as Buddy Holly. I was 18 surrounded by Jimmy Gilmer, (Sugar Shack-biggest record in the world in 1963) Norman Petty (produced and co-wrote Buddy Holly) as my engineer and producer. I was there with Edmonton legends Barrie Allen & Wes Dakus. In 1968, Colored Rain opened for ‘The Turtles’ (with their new hit ‘Happy Together’) at the Jubilee Auditorium’s in Edmonton and Calgary. I based my background vocal ideas on the way the Turtles did things. Roy Forbes closed his ‘Roy’s Record Room’ with Colored Rain only a few weeks ago.

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