Hi, world outside my house

Hi, World outside my house.

  Lately, due to the pandemic, we all wake up in a strange city everyday. Traditional methods of doing things are bein re-written including the way we get music. Only a short time ago Al Brant and I would have had a CD release party for our new recording that would give you a chance to check out our disc and tee-shirts. Given the nature of the pandemic we are not taking that route yet, but, we will personally deliver your purchase when possible/and/or ship it to you asap.

We are well aware that most folks don't require a disk, but at the moment that's the only deliver system we have that can allow us to raise enough funds to possibly make another recording .Those funds are spread about to the musicians, producer,  engineer, studio, design artists and photographers so that they can continue the pursuit of their art. We all, thank you, for your continued support. If you know us or not, I promise this project won't disappoint.

Dennis Meneely

Meneely / Brant

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