Love it ! Songwriting has so many lovely ideas in it. Great overall vibe. Feels very reassuring.” - Bill Henderson ~ Chilliwack

Coming Days

Meneely Brant

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" An inspired batch of tunes built on muscular grooves, strong melodic and harmonic structures, intelligent and thoughtful lyrics, tasty top-drawer vocal and instrumental performances" ~ Peter North

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Latest News and ramblings

Freshly minted project from talented duo of Dennis Meneely and Al Brant by Peter North  

 While Coming Days is an exciting, freshly minted project from the talented duo of Dennis Meneely and Al Brant, it’s just as true that the release of Coming Days, is the fruit of a “journey within a journey” from these two veteran prairie musicians.

Both long-time residents of Edmonton, vocalist and songwriter Brant and keyboard ace, arranger and tunesmith Meneely have been key and highly respected players on the scene. As members of Tacoy Ryde, one of Canada’s finest jam bands, their combined talents have…

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Music in my life 

Looking back on my journey so far, I can safely say that music has been with me all the way. I grew as an extremely shy kid and listening albums was a great way for me escape. I had a yellow and brown suitcase record player that introduced me to albums like Magical Mystery Tour - Beatles, Led Zepplin, The Strawbs- From the Witchwood and the the list goes on. Writing songs has always been a way for me to feel my way through this life .

So this morning I am feeling gratitude for all the good people and…

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The band "Colored Rain" A bit of Dennis Meneely's past 

Colored Rain My first band ‘Why Us’ ultimately played itself out and somehow I ended up playing and learning blues with Professor Steve Boddington. Our new lineup called ‘Cat-Squirrel’ played some wonderful dates at the U of A in 67. In 1968, as a member of Winnipeg/Edmonton band ‘Coloured Rain’ I recorded my first original tune co -written with band guitarist Jordy York. We recorded in Clovis, New Mexico, in the same studios as Buddy Holly. I was 18 surrounded by Jimmy Gilmer, (Sugar…Read more

Hi, world outside my house 

Hi, World outside my house.

  Lately, due to the pandemic, we all wake up in a strange city everyday. Traditional methods of doing things are bein re-written including the way we get music. Only a short time ago Al Brant and I would have had a CD release party for our new recording that would give you a chance to check out our disc and tee-shirts. Given the nature of the pandemic we are not taking that route yet, but, we will personally deliver your purchase when possible/and/or ship it to you asap.

We are…

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